We are pleased to announce that STAC made its first donation just a couple week ago! Mitch, a cancer patient from Lincoln, notified a benefits coordinator at the Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center that he was in need of assistance to pay his insurance for the month of December. Mitch has severe colorectal cancer, and has already gotten 16 inches of his colon removed due to the hardships that this disease has caused him. STAC paid for Mitch’s insurance just days before his insurance payment was due, which was coincidentally Thanksgiving day. Without our assistance, Mitch would have been forced to forego treatment during the entire month of December. We are all very thankful for Mitch because he is our first donation and was a perfect example of how powerful this organization can be. We hope Mitch will be able to relax a little more this holiday season without the burden of insurance payments and with an entire organization behind him.

To all of you that have helped make this happen, thank you. We will continue to impact lives in our community just as we have done with Mitch. There has never been a better time to get involved in this great organization. Please stay posted for meetings coming up second semester.