Meet Micheal. Micheal is a veteran and UNL alum. He loves dogs and meeting people. STAC got the opportunity to visit with him on Tuesday at the downtown Mill. He is currently fighting liver cancer and told us, “it was just my birthday yesterday and I’m grateful for every birthday that passes since I didn’t think I’d have another one.”

Micheal has only be able to afford one meal per day but that all changed. STAC was able to donate $400 in giftcards to Super Saver so that he has food to fuel his fight. He told us he treated himself to bread for the first time in years. We also baked him a healthy cake to celebrate another year of life!

“Tell your organization thank you for everything and god bless you all.” said Micheal. Thank you STAC supporters for all you do to help us. We were so thankful to get to meet with such a wonderful man and STAC will have his back the whole way!